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Deal Names has hundreds more domains for sale in many categories.

A short, brandable domain can deliver long lasting and increasing value to your business. If you provide good products and good service — your brand and reputation will surely grow, resulting in higher and accelerating sales and rising profits.

The hidden value of purchasing a premium domain can last and grow for many years. This has been beautifully described by Alan Dunn of New Found Names in a superb article in BusinessInsider.

Alan makes a valuable insight by comparing say a $10,000 TV spend or a $10,000 billboard spend with a $10,000 domain name purchase. The insight? The TV spend and the billboard spend are completed in a month, and your money is gone! Maybe you got good results, but they will start to decline until the next spend...

In contrast, the one-off purchase of a premium domain at a comparable price can add value and keep on adding value to your business for many years to come!

That's why just a few thousand dollars invested in a fine domain could be one of the best investments you will ever make.

And it will very likely appreciate in value over the years.

It's not only a good investment for your business, but the domain name itself is a good investment — if history is a guide.

And as Alan Dunn says: "The real question is not how much a domain name costs but how much value the right domain name can bring to your business."

Finally, by taking a look at the most successful companies in the world today, it's apparent that short domains are among the contenders for the best potential brands of all. From Canon® to Kodak®. There's a great selection of available domains for you to consider on our sales page here. Welcome to TechBrand.

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domain advantages

Advantages of Short Brandable Domains

There are many advantages of owning a fine, short domain name. And some of the world's finest available short domains are offered here on a first come, first served basis. Catchy, pronounceable and brandable names are exceedingly rare and weekly sales reports verify their value again and again. You need to move fast because supply is exceedingly limited.

Once they are gone — they are gone!

Domains are now recognised as being a distinct asset class, somewhat like shares on the stockmarket, and historically, domains have been shown to appreciate significantly in value over time for many years. There is every likelihood that this will continue to happen in the coming years. Memorable domain names are widely recognized as being of high value, and that seems unlikely to change at any time in the forseeable future. And remember, the number of good, pronounceable short domains is finite.

To buy a name immediately, go to our premium collection of available premium domains here. All have immediate 'Buy It Now' prices!


The most obvious advantage of a short domain is its brevity. A short domain is easier to remember and type on the internet. A short name also occupies less real estate in your expensive advertising. For the same advertising spend, your name, your brand, your image, can be bigger. Bolder. More effective. Think about the world's most famous and enduring brands. Most of them are in that rare and coveted range between three and eight letters. Think Kodak®. Think Google®. Think Coke®. Think Canon®. All are short, sharp catchy brands that have combined with excellent business principles to create companies that have or will surely prosper for decades.


Short and memorable domains (with the highly coveted dot com suffix) are highly valuable and sought after. The general public and your paying customers generally understand this. They understand that a company with a catchy domain (with the dot COM extension) is much more likely to be serious and genuine. And have proper financial backing and expertise. Short domains are generally recognised as having more prestige than longer, cheaper names. There is an underlying assumption that you have been around longer, you obtained the best name, you understand the game, you are professional, you are the authority. You have the capital and business intuition to purchase a true premium name, therefore it is implied that you must be successful.


There are so many sites on the internet that it has become a maze of competition. Well over 100 million dot com domains have now been registered. It has become increasingly important for businesses to focus on the memorability of their name and brand. This is essential to making it easy for your all important customer to come back for repeat sales. The domains selected on this site have all been carefully chosen to provide a unique selection of names for a wide variety of businesses. They are memorable and catchy. They have elegance and prestige. Some have an air of establishment and authority, while others have a touch of fun or humor. Chances are, you'll find the right name and the right match for your company. And remember, these domains are hard to come across, such is their popularity and such is their demand.


These days, your brand is inextricably linked to your domain. Combined with a well designed website (and of course the range of professional products and services on offer) your new domain can give your company the presence, the image and the status to make your launch or relaunch a great success. And the right domain will stay in the minds of consumers, helping and encouraging them to come back to your site again and again. Build a great business on a great domain and watch your brand grow. And a fine, prestigious domain can give your company a discerning edge — instant brand credibility — saving you serious marketing dollars down the track. Let a prestige name do some of the heavy lifting for you. And watch it help your business cut through the clutter to create a lasting impact on your customers.


This is where something more intangible comes in. A short domain also needs to be catchy and pronounceable. It should "sound" like a suitable match for the product or service you are offering. Here at TechBrand, a large selection of domains has been carefully assembled in our incredible portfolio — which began in 2005. The names have been chosen on a range of criteria, ranging from pronounciation and spelling ease to alliteration to something more complex — what we call "phonetic metaphor". By this we mean that a great catchy domain can give you a feeling of a certain quality that is appropriate for your business. For example, our premium domain "sounds" rather like "momentum". Momentum is a positive quality every company wants to appear to have. "Momentum" for example is a positive word, and successful companies use positive words in their advertising, slogans, and sometimes in their domain name itself. In our example cited here, it stays in your mind, and over time, can begin to sound like a real word.


A concise, catchy domain, combined with a clever development strategy, and perhaps a little bit of luck, represents an excellent value proposition. As your business grows, so will the value of your domain likely grow — as it becomes an integral and essential component of your company. And if you ever want to sell your business, your associated domain name may well have become one of your most valuable assets. Many domain experts are ahead of the curve when they say that many domain names are undervalued. By this they mean that compared to spending thousands of dollars on signage, thousands of dollars on interior design, thousands on designing a brand, thousands on a new company truck and thousands on advertising etc etc — the initial cost of acquiring a fine domain is relatively insignificant. Your new domain may very well give you the greatest ROI of all your business costs and investments.

And a catchy brandable domain (which may have a hidden but inherent potential that you are able to realize as you build your business) is generally much cheaper to buy than an existing generic name which you may see on one of the domain sales venues on the web. We like to compare the cost of a domain with the cost of a company car. Just ask yourself, which costs the most? Which creates the most value for your business?


The shortage of brandable names, such as the short domains offered on this site, is a key to understanding their rising value. Millions of new businesses are formed each and every year in the US and around the world. This creates pressure on the available pool of available domain names of all sizes, shapes and extensions. And it explains the consistently rising values seen in domain reports of ever increasing domain sales at ever increasing prices. More and more businesses, even very small ones, see the necessity of maintaining a web presence — which of course means that they must also own a domain. While new extensions will be launched in the coming years under the oversight of ICANN to join alternatives like ".net", ".us" and ".org", most industry analysts are in agreement that the ".com" suffix will surely dominate the domain industry for as far as can be seen into the future. Customers have known and trusted the ".com" extension for more than 15 years now. All the domains on offer at TechBrand are exclusively ".com".

New Domain Extensions And Brand Domains

Applications for around 1400 new domain extensions were announced in June 2012. Many of these were brand domains applied for by long established companies such as Canon® and Google®. What this means is that many corporations will launch sites such as and (Many many other generic extensions are also being applied for such as .web, .music, .cloud, .game and .home.)

Most domain investors believe that the sheer volume of new extensions being launched will enhance the value of dot COM domains... because the public will need and want a reliable "gold standard" in our increasingly complicated and confusing domain world. We also believe that domains like and will continue to be the premium type of primary corporate domain address for years to come. Dot COM will continue to dominate the net. And brevity will usually be king — the shorter the better. While many of the new domain extensions are sure to have different degrees of success, brandable domain names such as those offered by this site are certain to generate their maximum value in the dot com extension. Nevertheless, things will change over time.

The new dot brand extensions are analysed in great detail on our associated site Around 680 of the world's most well-known corporations have applied to operate their own brands as domain strings. A large number of actual applications are examined and several hundred actual quotations are cited. These quotes help to collectively provide a good overview of this disruptive event that is coming to the internet. Reading them all gives a good insight into the plans of these major corporations. The brand domains seem certain to change the way communications take place on the internet.

Being so short and memorable, all the domains available on this website are great potential candidates for new extensions, assuming a future where your business becomes highly successful financially online. (And assuming you become so big that your own extension becomes desirable.) A fine, short domain can make the jump from left of the dot to right of the dot. This factor may well increase the value of the shortest dot com domains.

So short names will soon be perceived to have a significant and previously unforeseen advantage over their comparable but longer counterparts. Compare with for example. IBM has an advantage over Microsoft in terms of nomenclature. And this intrinsic potential will likely put further upward pressure on the valuations of the shorter style domain names as investors and startups become more aware of this potential new attraction for short domain assets and seek them out.

Until 2012, nobody knew about this important advantage of short domain names. When your company hopefully becomes a multi-million dollar enterprise, the ideal dot extension is a short one — from three letters (like .ibm) to four (.nike) to five (.apple) to six (.google). The longer the extension (like .microsoft) the less effective (and "cool") it will be.

Future Proof

Businesses can change very quickly. An internet year is very short — maybe only three months long! Your business is likely to take a very different form in five years time. It could even have transformed into something completely different by then. Perhaps in an even shorter time frame. Just read the business news pages for examples.

A short and stylish invented domain can change and adapt with the times however much your business changes. This flexibility can help to future proof your business, whereas a long product-related domain is at risk of becoming less and less relevant over time. Or even obsolete. Some products and services have a limited life cycle. Whereas a non-descriptive brandable domain gives you unlimited scope, whatever trends the future brings.

Imagine if your company had been called, years ago. Today, of course, you would have evolved into a computer or software company — survival would have demanded it... A brandable, memorable, flexible name such as those found on these pages would have been the superior choice, whatever the future holds.

Future proof your company with a fine name with unlimited potential from TechBrand.

Read more news about the new gTLDs (generic top level domains) and the possible dangers to the status quo presented by the specter of closed gTLDs on our sister site

(SuperMonopolies is a resource with extensive information and useful links about the anti competitive nature of the new gTLD rollout. There are dire potential consequences of allowing some of the registries of the proposed new domain name categories to own those categories exclusively. These registries are intending to become the sole owners of entire categories of domains, such as .news and .shop, in other words, they want to own every single domain name within those categories. They may number into the millions. No other business or individual around the world would be permitted to own a domain in many of the most highly valuable media and commercial categories. These registries being set up by some of the world's largest corporations are seeking to build walled gardens — private internets for their own monopolistic profits. This is of enormous concern to anyone who wishes to see the continuance of a fair and free internet.)

Short and memorable domains are a great way to give your business an edge in the ever more competitive age of internet commerce. And they are an exceedingly finite resource. View our list of ready to buy and exceptional domains on our home page here.

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